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    My name is Ashley Levering, and I am a certified professional life coach who focuses on life transitions. As an agent for change, I admire witnessing a transformation of self-image and mindset in Menomonee Falls, WI.
    At ABL Life Coaching, my goal as your personal counseling coach is to support you through your mental health and personal goals. I also offer group counseling for teamwork development.
    As your coach, my focus is to assist you with reaching your goals. My career counseling will be able to show you what you're made of, and I'll help you get there. I offer relationship counseling for any of your concerns within personal relationships.

Our Services

Personal Coaching

I design personal coaching around where you want to go in life by assessing your needs for developing a positive mindset. By applying my professional life coach strategies, I will assist you with reaching your personal development expectations. As a life coach, I will help clients discover answers for themselves and develop action plans and strategies that work best for their goals.

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Career Coaching

In my career counseling program, we will envision your goals and find clarity to move forward. We'll focus on positive mindset shifts during our counseling session and use your strengths to fill you with a feeling of empowerment. Finally, you'll have the ability to embrace these changes with confidence. My goal is to help you acknowledge self care ideas and wellness as a path to help you change your life.

Couple therapy
Relationship Coaching

My relationship counseling program focuses on encouraging and guiding clients to move forward in their life toward their relationship goals. My couples coaching strategies offer ideas to help your accountability and offer ideas to reach your full potential to live a happier life with a partner. Contact me in Menomonee Falls, WI for any relationship guidance you may need.

Group Coaching

At ABL Life Coaching, in my group counseling sessions, I ask questions about ideas surrounding vulnerability and mental health strategies. I assist you with positive thoughts to help you face challenges by acknowledging anything the group is facing each day. Our group sessions are an open communication environment with inspirational speakers, and we can't wait to hear your story!

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Ashley provided career coaching services for my company and was an amazing outlet for me when I felt very overwhelmed with a transition at work. She has great advice on ways to manage stress and build good habits, while also focusing on being kind to yourself. Her positivity and encouragement really helped me inside and outside of the work space!

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I was fortunate enough to work with Ashley recently through my workplace, with a focus on career development and transition and change with my career. She offered guidance, support, practical tools to support my mental health and well being, and was a wonderful listener. I highly recommend working with Ashley!

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Ashley helped me through the biggest changes I made in my life. When I knew it was time, she was there to help me set and achieve goals, be accountable to myself for my life and my happiness, and dream (and accomplish) more than I thought possible. In one year, I did everything I set out to do: moved cities, left my partner, got a job I love at twice the salary I made before, and got a dog. A couple years later, as I was getting ready to marry my now-husband, I went back to her to help go into my marriage with the lightest possible baggage from previous relationships. Ashley helped me acknowledge and own my needs, helped me trust myself, and has generally been a massively positive force in my life. I know now that I had the capacity to change my life when I needed it, but I don't think I would have discovered or trusted that capacity without her guidance, support, and coaching.

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